RILELY OSTERBAUER, Monticello, was one of the 4-H’ers who participated in the events. (Submitted photo.)

4-H State Shooting Invitational

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The MN 4-H State Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational was held in Alexandria, Sept. 6-8.  746 youth from 51 counties participated in the following events: BB gun, Standard Air Rifle, 3 Position Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 Rifle, Muzzle-loading, Trap, Silhouette, Wildlife Calling, Skilla-thon and Conservation/ Wildlife Displays throughout the weekend. Youth had the opportunity to showcase their skills that have been learned throughout the past year, as they spent 15 or more hours working with a trained instructor in their discipline of interest.
The Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Program began in the 1980’s and has grown to 4,000 4-H members and 500 adult leaders.  4-H members may become involved in the 4-H Shooting Sports & Wild-life Program in the following disciplines: Air Rifle & Air Pistol, Archery, .22 Rifle, Muzzleloading, Shotgun and Wildlife.  Adults can become certified discipline instructors by attending a weekend workshop and instructing youth in their county. 
To learn more about the Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Pro-gram, go to http://z.umn. edu/ 4hshootingsports
Wright County 4-H’ers who participated in the event included: Ambrose, Asher, Kameron, Noah, and Shawn Alyas Masih, Clearwater; Ben, Jack, and Maddie Helget, Clear-water; Arthur Kjaer, South Haven; Dakota Mazer, Monticello; Daniel and Sam Neutz, Maple Lake; Riley Osterbauer, Monti-cello; Anna, Ben, and Grace Thiele, Maple Lake; Chris and Matthew Yanta, Maple Lake.
About Minnesota 4-H: Minnesota 4-H is a youth development program provided through the Univ. of Minnesota Extension. The 4-H mission is to engage Minnesota youth in quality learning opportunities that enable them to shape and reach their full potential as active citizens in a global community. Last year, more than 113,000 kids throughout Minnesota participated in 4-H and learned invaluable life skills while meeting developmental needs of independence, belonging, generosity and mastery. 4-H youth have fun while they learn, grow, and reach their full potential.
The University of Minnesota, including the University of Minnesota Extension Service, is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
Top 10 Placings in Single Score events:
Archery – 
Jr Class B – Brock Desens – 1st Place – Score 261
Int Class C – Jack Helget – 6th Place – Score 277
Int Class C – Ambrose Alyas Masih – 10th Place – Score 271
Sr Class A – Amy Marquette – 1st Place – Score 223
BB Gun – 
Junior – Joseph Schendel – 2nd Place – Score 249
Junior – Noah Alyas Masih – 10th Place – Score 228
Intermediate – Ambrose Alyas Masih – 1st Place – Score 271
Intermediate – Emily Jan – 10th Place – Score 224
Standard Air Rifle – 
Senior – Chris Yanta – 8th Place – Score 247
Air Pistol – 
Junior – Matthew Boyle – 6th Place – Score 286
Senior – Chris Yanta – 3rd Place – Score 340
Silhouette – Rifle
Intermediate – Grace Thiele – 6th Place – Score 13
Black Powder – 
Senior Pistol (Crow) – Amy Marquette – 6th Place – Score 15
Senior Rifle – Amy Marquette – 3rd Place – Score 95
6th Place Senior Overall – Amy Marquette – Score 124
Top Placings in Team events:
Archery – Intermediate Class C (22 teams competing) – 1st Place – Ambrose and Asher Alyas Masih, Jack Helget, Donnie Leuer
BB Gun – Junior (17 teams competing) – 1st Place – Kameron and Noah Alyas Masih, Benjamin Kremer, Joseph Schendel
BB Gun – Junior (17 teams competing) – 5th Place – Benjamin Huncha, Chloe Huston, Riley Osterbauer, Jackson Schendel
BB Gun – Intermediate (11 teams competing) – 1st Place – Ambrose Alyas Masih, Emily Jan, Tanner Kremer, David Putz
3 Position Air Rifle – Intermediate (12 teams competing) – 5th Place – Ben and Tanner Kremer, Joseph Schendel, Grace Thiele
3 Position Air Rifle – Senior (8 teams competing) – 4th Place – Amy Marquette, Anna and Ben Thiele, Chris Yanta
Air Pistol – Junior (9 teams competing) – 4th Place – Matthew Boyle, Charese Brown, Greta Goede, Benjamin Kremer
Air Pistol – Senior (9 teams competing) – 4th Place – Amber Maas, Ben Thiele, Chris and Matthew Yanta.


Mike Zdychnec, Executive Program Director for Healthcare Management at MN School of Business. (Photo by Ken Francis.)

JEN SCHUMACHER (far left), applauds as 15-year-old Matthew Trutna wins the 2015 Team Liam 5K Saturday. (Photos by Jennifer Edwards).

Kathleen R. Huber

DANCERS FROM JENNIFER’S DANCE CENTER will be performing at Disney World in Florida in October. Pictured (front row, left to right), are Grace Esselman, Lillian St. Jean, Sophia Gerou, Kailey Buchta, Rowan Payne and Hannah Oakes. Middle row are Amelia Cameron, Brianna Anthony, Jacqie Bengtson, Gianna Mitchell, Alex Dillion, Abby Yanke and Rose Curtis. Back row are Tori Ramert, Alexis Erickson, Sophia St. Ives, Tiana Link, Rachel Royseth, Kristian Kunkel, Brooklynn Bengtson, Nicole Bengtson and Kendall Luoma. Not pictured are Haylee Oakes and Melanie Miskowic. (Submitted photo).

FIVE GIRLS FROM MARY OF THE VISITATION CHURCH’S YOUTH GROUP helped Gail Stanley (not pictured) of Big Lake pack her belongings for a move she was taking to Princeton last weekend. The girls are (from left to right): Bridget Buchholz, Jasmine Johnson, Michaela Manifold, Brittney Kostek and Josie Berger. (Photo by Bill Morgan)
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