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Myron "Mike" Johnson

ISAAC GOLDSBERRY doesn’t always find it easy to concentrate in class but he has no trouble focusing on his work in industrial technology. Thursday he was anxiously waiting for a chain he designed to be printed as part of his key chain project.

MINNESOTA COMISSIONER OF HEALTH Dr. Ed Ehlinger met with members of the Big Lake School administration, Sherburne County Health and Human Services and local elected officials Friday to discuss the success of Sherburne County’s Statewide Health Improvement Program. Pictured are Kara Dockry-Huberty (ECFE Teacher); Crystal Thorson (Interim Superintendent); Mayor Danielowski, Mary Jo Cobb (Director of Sherburne County Health and Human Services); Senator Kiffmeyer; Rep. Zerwas; Health Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger; Brad Schnitzler (Dir. of Community and School Activities); Matt Jackson (Sherburne County SHIP Coordinator); Jacqueline Cavanagh (Minnesota Dept. of Health Legislative Liaison); Kara Zoller (Sherburne County Health and Human Services); Allison Miller (Sherburne County Health and Human Services); Tim Hayes (Big Lake School Board Member). (Submitted photo).

ACTS MANAGER Phil Jacobson invites the community to check out the new Seventh Day Adventist Church Thrift Shop in the former River Inn building. (Submitted photo).

Denise Ringwelski