ORROCK TOWNSHIP CLERK Brenda Kimberly Maas administers the oath of office to Supervisor Charlie Gotzian. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Orrock board session is quiet, quick

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
The Orrock Township Board of Supervisors held their shortest meeting to date Wednesday following the election and annual meeting earlier this month.
Sgt. Kyle Wilson from the Sherburne County sheriff’s department gave an update on their activities for the month.
“There were 128 calls for service,” he said. “Of those, 47 were traffic stops. There were 27 calls for snowmobiles and two burglaries.” 
Clerk Brenda Kimberly Maas updated the board on enquiries to changes in services purchased from Windstream and Ace Solid Waste, made to reduce their impact on the budget. 
No change was made to the communication services purchased from Windstream. The township will save an additional $4 per month from Ace Solid Waste by using a smaller trash container.
Supervisor Ron Dolly has not submitted a letter of resignation to the board but he was not in attendance at the meeting to give an update on which specific roads were cleared of snow in the road emergency.
There was no new business. 
The Board approved the list of pay claims, the consent agenda and the treasurer’s report without question.
The board directed the clerk to publish RFQs for ditch mowing, brush removal and tree trimming and to follow up on the amount of liability insurance required from the service providers.
The board accepted WSIs contract, subject to their attorney’s approval. Township Engineer Mike Nielsen said he had an estimate of work needed to correct problems on 243rd Avenue but he thought it were too high.
“I would like to show it to a couple of contractors and get their input,” he said. “Surfacing the road would not be as costly as the grading it will take to fix it. I will come back with a better estimate next month.”
Supervisors set April 4 as the date for their spring road tour. Nielsen recommended getting any crack sealing done as soon as possible following the spring thaw.
“It’s good to get them done before it gets warm and they start closing up for the summer,” he said.
Charlie Gotzian took the oath of office and was sworn back on to the board of supervisors.
“It has been a pleasure working with you,” said Chair Jones as he stepped down.
Resident John Hopko spoke during open forum. He wanted to know if the board had changed their policy on snow plowing in cul-de-sacs.
“I want to get this finalized,” he said. “Besides economics, there should be equality and quality of service for everyone.”
Hopko had twice found his cul-de-sac had not been plowed close enough to his mailbox for mail to be delivered for six days on one occasion or for him to have access to his driveway.
“This isn’t just about Rocky Mountain,” he said. “The last people who did it and even Jerry Petersen had the same problem. It’s very frustrating. Then I find out we are not even supposed to plow the road ourselves. I think the whole state has an issue.” Acting Chair Mike Meier apologized. 
“We didn’t do our homework,” he said.
“We are going to have to insist the contractor runs a truck with a belly blade first and the road authority will have to be out there, watching them,” Eisinger said.
Resident and former board member Laura Gibson suggested having a more detailed snow clearing policy might be helpful.
“It seems like you are missing accountability by the contractor,” she said, noting that Orrock residents are used to taking care of themselves.”
“We have the information we need,” said Eisinger. “We will work hard on that for next year.”


THE BIG LAKE LIONESS ANNUAL GARAGE SALE drew plenty of shoppers to Lions Park Saturday morning. The Lioness Club has been serving the Big Lake Community for 31 years. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

TREE EXPERT Gina Hugo works for the Sherburne County Soil and Water Conservation District.