Methamphetamine Arrest

Big Lake Police Dept.
Chief Joel D. Scharf
June 8 at 12:26 a.m. Officer Guy Chaffee was working a dedicated traffic enforcement shift, as part of the Sherburne County Towards Zero Death Program.  
At this time he observed a suspicious vehicle on Cty Rd 43 in Big Lake.  As Officer Chaffee began to follow the vehicle, the driver abruptly stopped.  The driver exited and quickly began to walk between two houses.  Officer Chaffee was familiar with the particular residence the driver was walking towards, and knew there was no entry where he was walking towards.   Officer Chaffee attempted to locate the driver, he located him attempting to hide behind a large shrub.  Officer Chaffee confronted the suspicious person.  While speaking with him, he observed a red bandanna and two plastic baggies adjacent to him.  When the bandanna was retrieved,  a glass pipe was inside it which is used for smoking methamphetamine.  
The two baggies had a substance in them that field tested positive for methamphetamine.  
The suspect, identified as Larry McClendon (44 – Perham) was arrested and charged by complaint with; 1 Count of 5th Degree Controlled Substance Crime, 1 Count Driving Inimical to Public Safety, and 1 Count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


Andrew Paul Pittman

FORTY-FIVE YOUTHS AND NINE ADULTS traveled to Ashland, MT to participate in a mission trip at an Indian Reservation last week. The group was led by Youth Pastor Doug Watercott of Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church in Becker/Big Lake. (Submitted Photo)

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Graniteman Triathlon in Clearwater

THE CITY OF CLEARWATER is no longer accepting brush near the maintenance building on Co. Rd. 75. The maintenance crew is picking up brush the first Wednesday of each month with curbside pick-up. The site will be used for installation of a solar energy system. Residents can still drop off leaves and grass cuttings at the compost site behind the maintenance.