Big Lake Buzz Staff Members: Front row (from left to right): Cassidy Walsh and Emma Anderson. Middle Row: Levi Hayes, Lindsey Youngquist, Brianna Pothen, Peyton Adelman, Evi Wandersee, and Joey Fussy. Back Row: Ellie Visser, Jenna Wendlandt, Annika Poe, McKaylee Snyder, Mrs. Ostendorf, Kaitlin Reiling, Gabby Klinkenborg, Kaitlyn Cox, and Ambria Joos. (Submitted photo.)

Middle School Newspaper is a hit: Write, Snap, Interview:

Submitted Article
There is a new “buzz” traveling throughout the Big Lake Middle School this year, and students in Lori Ostendorf’s Hornet Hour class are responsible for it. 
At the beginning of the school year, the students voted on ideas that would become the focus of Ms. Ostendorf’s Hornet Hour class, which is an enrichment class with a focus on digital productions. 
“About 37 kids voted,” said Ms. Ostendorf. “There was an overwhelming response to create our school’s first-ever newspaper.”
Now in its 11th edition, the weekly student-run newspaper is in full force and students know their jobs well. 
In order to replicate responsibilities of real newspapers, each student is referred to as a Big Lake Buzz staff member, and they are assigned to certain duties. 
Students Emma Anderson, Cassidy Walsh, Lindsey Youngquist, Brianna Pothen and Joey Fussy make up the formatting group. This group takes in content for the paper from other groups and positions it in the paper. 
“It can be really stressful,” said Pothen. “Yeah, when some people don’t do their part by getting you the content on time,” added Walsh. “Because we have to wait on them in order to get the paper out,” said Anderson.
Another job on the paper is doing interviews, which are taken care of by the interview group consisting of Jenna Wendlandt, Kaytlin Reiling, and Gabby Klinkenborg. This group interviews students and teachers and writes a Q&A section for the paper. 
“I learned that we cannot have yes or no questions or the answers are really boring,” shared Wendlandt. 
There is also a photography group made up of Levi Hayes and Ellie Visser. These students travel the school hallways and classrooms searching for neat things happening to snap with their camera. 
The paper also “employs” Kaitlyn Cox and Ambria Joos to handle the jokes and trivia section. These students search for inspiration online, pick the best jokes or trivia questions, and write the content for the formatting team. 
The students do their “jobs” Monday through Thursday during Hornet Hour, then spend Friday distributing the newspaper to classrooms. 
While a newspaper traditionally covers the “buzz” taking place somewhere else, this newspaper is the “buzz” at Big Lake Middle School. 


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BIG LAKE HOPES TO BECOME A BEYOND THE YELLOW RIBBON COMMUNITY and a kick-off meeting was held Monday at The Friendly Buffalo. Pictured above are First Sergeant Brigham Fanning, Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, Mayor Raeanne Danielowski and Director of Military Outreach Annette Kuyper. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Above, the five Hornets defending their end of the court are Sam Jochum, Brady Vogt, Kyle Knaeble, Collin Teigen and Trent Monson.

Well over 100 kids waited their turn in line to go through basketball drills during the Blowout last Friday.

BIG LAKE HORNETS CHAMPION SWIMMERS are diver Mallary Dick, who came home with seventh place, and swimmers Laurel Pietrzak, Laurin Ebert, Maggie Knier and Gabbie Werner. (Submitted photo).