Finance students recently taking 2nd place in a challenge called The Stock Market Game. L-R: Courtney Nelson, Lily Noble, Sarah Arbogast and Abby Archambault (Submitted photo.)

BL students know how to invest wisely

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A team of students in Ryan Loeken’s Personal Finance class may have a bright future on Wall Street one day. The four-student team recently took second place out of 200 teams in the high school division of BestPrep’s The Stock Market Game. 
In the game, students are given $100,000 of virtual money to invest in the stock market. They track their investments and make changes over the course of a few months. Once the game ends, students reflect on invests made and get to see how much money they either gained or lost. 
The Big Lake team taking second place grew its portfolio from $100,000 to $108,528 in just eight weeks. The team consisted of Sarah Arbogast, Abby Archambault, Courtney Nelson and Lily Noble. 
These students were joined by the teams placing first and third in the challenge for an awards ceremony hosted by Allianz Life, who sponsored The Stock Market Game challenge. 
According to BestPrep, The Stock Market Game increases students’ financial literacy and emphasizes the importance of investing.  Additionally, it helps students develop skills in teamwork, decision-making and critical thinking. 


BIG LAKE COBORN’S STAFF have been raising funds for the Big Lake Fire Dept. through brat sales and the sale of buttons. Last week Coborns’s staff posed for a picture by the grill. Front row are Vicki Sabre and Kitty Underwood. Back row is Ashley Pelkey, Amy Fiester, Manager Mitch Utecht, Melissa Schafer, Michelle Galvin, Matt Schacht, Curt Allgood and John Howard. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

MEMBERS OF THE Big Lake American Legion flag corps, at attention during Monday’s Memorial Day services. From left, Dennis Gail, Don McVeigh, Don Deuel and Gary Poslusny. (Photos by Gary W. Meyer)

Larry and Lavina Pattee