Sherburne County Sheriff’s Newsletter

Sherburne County Sheriff's Department


The following individuals have been booked into the Sherburne County Jail for the alleged offense(s):


Michael Leroy Christensen, 48 of Zimmerman for DWI.


Gregory Joseph Guck, 36 of Perham for driving after cancellation/inimical to public safety.


Brett John Hadden, 22 of Ramsey for DWI, open bottle and failure to signal.


Charles Walter Hennessey, 49 of Elk River for violation of an order for protection.


Adam Michael Inderrieden, 29 of St. Cloud for DWI and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Tate Gregory Johnson, 33 of Princeton for DWI.


Henry Joseph Maybury, 51 of Clear Lake for assault.


Emily Katherine Mclaughlin, 29 of Anoka for theft.


Jared Paul Nebel, 33 of Big Lake for DWI.


John Roy Pariseau, 50 of Big Lake for DWI, driving after cancellation/inimical to public safety and a Sherburne County warrant.


Cody Lee Parsons, 26 of St. Cloud for fleeing police in a motor vehicle and driving after cancellation/inimical to public safety.


Jeffrey Earl Rasmussen, 45 of Big Lake for domestic assault.


Stephen Kenneth Ratliff, 27 of Big Lake for terroristic threats and domestic assault.


Terry Floyd Roemhildt, 48 of Sauk Rapids for a controlled substance charge.


Zachary Drew Saman-Neft, 26 of Buffalo for DWI.


Marc Anthony Slaughter, 24 of Anoka for DWI.


Jason Ward Sommerfeld, 36 of Zimmerman for DWI.


Elizabeth Lea Spreiter, 33 of St. Michael for DWI.


Stephen Joseph Steinhofer, 32 of St. Cloud for a controlled substance charge, driving after suspension, no proof of insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possess small amount of marijuana and an Apprehension and Detention Order.

Travis Allen Stenseth, 19 of Isanti for drug charges.


Elijah Matthew Stolp, 18 of Elk River for a drug charge.


Steven Colman Strande, 22 of Elk River for violation of an order for protection.


Christopher Allan Swanson, 45 of Monticello for violation of a harassment restraining order.


Rachel Ann Trottier, 40 of Princeton for disorderly conduct.


Lisa Kaye Moore, 40 of Big Lake for an Apprehension and Detention Order.


Jeremiah Loiselle Poronto, 22 of Clear Lake for an Apprehension and Detention Order.


Akello Abella, 23 of St. Cloud for a Sherburne County warrant.


Christopher James Becker, 23 of Big Lake for a Sherburne County warrant.


Cynthia Catherine Beste, 42 of Melrose for a Wright County warrant.


David Lelyn Doering, 37 of Elk River for a Department of Corrections warrant.


Colton Richard Fennell, 23 of Isanti for a Sherburne County warrant.


Morgan Clarence Grams, 35 of Anoka for a Sherburne County warrant.


James Michael Hayden, 36 of St. Paul for a Sherburne County warrant.


Matthew Dillon Heaton, 43 of Sartell for a Sherburne County warrant.


Jaclyn Marie Heyen, 22 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant.


Nathan Thomas Kopka, 24 of Big Lake for a Sherburne County warrant.


Matthew Sabastian Lind, 21 of Princeton for a Sherburne County warrant.


Ralph David Rivera, 38 of Minneapolis for a Hennepin County warrant.


Phillip Lawrence Vanorny, 41 of Elk River for a Sherburne County warrant.


Joshua Caleb Waschek, 29 of St. Cloud for a Department of Corrections warrant.


Amanda Marie Williams, 32 of Becker for a Sherburne County warrant.






Citations Issued:


21            Traffic safety

14            Speed

7               Driving after suspension/revocation

11            No proof of insurance

2               No insurance

7               Possess small amount of marijuana

7               Possession of drug paraphernalia

3               Juvenile tobacco

1               Furnish tobacco to juvenile

1               DWI

1               .08 or more

2               Assault

1               Disorderly

2               Driver’s license violation

1               Expired registration

2               Fail to stop

1               Duty to drive with due care

1               Window restriction

2               Theft

1               False information to officer


Total Citations Issued:   88


Calls for Service:


4               Burglary

7               Theft

1               Theft – motor vehicle – other

4               Assault

3               Drugs/narcotics

4               DWI

6               Disturbing the peace

3               Harassment

7               Property damage

1               Crime against government

1               Trespass

5               Animal lost

1               Property lost

1               Missing person

3               Animal found

2               Property found

1               Abandoned vehicle

1               Search warrant

5               Accident – motor vehicle – personal injury

4               Accident – motor vehicle – property damage

1               Accident – motor vehicle – property damage – hit and run

12            Accident – motor vehicle – animal

3               Animal complaint

4               Conservation

1               Dog complaint

1               Fire – other

1               Fire – dwelling

1               Fire – commercial

2               Alarm – fire

1               Gas Leak/smell

1               Alarm – carbon monoxide

1               Death

12            Medical

3               Mental health

2               Miscellaneous public

7               Domestic

8               Public assist

9               Agency assist

13            Alarm – security

12            Civil complaint

1               Administrative

238         Officer initiated traffic stop

12            Traffic complaint

2               Suspicious person

12            Suspicious vehicle

7               Juvenile complaint

1               Attempt to locate

5               Extra patrol

1               Loud music complaint

10            Check the welfare

1               Burning complaint

1               ATV complaint

2               Shooting complaint

1               Repossession

1               Parking complaint

3               Jail medical

1               Complaint against officer

3               Paper service

9               Suspicious activity

1               Hazardous road condition

4               Miscellaneous officer

28            Background check

1               Open door

10            Warrant arrest

1               Funeral escort

54            Transport

22            Jail incident

1               Pick up orders

2               911 phone alarms

2               Equipment problem

2               911 Hang up

8               Court ordered book and release

1               Juvenile runaway

1               Mail tampering

3               Vehicle lockout


Total Citations Issued:    611


October 21st, Albert Marcil of 185th Ave SE in Becker Township reported his home had been burglarized.  The items taken were a 7mm bolt action Browning Magnum Medallion hunting rifle with case valued at $1,000.00, .22 bolt action Marlin rife with a brown wooden stock with case valued at $125.00 and five two dollar bills and various coins with an estimated value of $40.00.


October 22nd, Loren Papesh of 128th St NW in Livonia Township reported a theft from his pole shed.  The items taken were a red air compressor and hose valued at $180.00 along with a box of steaks valued at $60.00 and one box of candy bars valued at $15.00.


October 24th, Staci Olson of 178th St NW in Big Lake Township reported a theft from her vehicle. Among the items taken were a GPS valued at $200.00, a Bluetooth speaker (unknown value) and miscellaneous change.


October 25th, Bernard Mullen reported the theft of a Maytag washer and dryer valued at $1000.00 from a residence located on 98th Street NW in Baldwin Township.


October 25th, Paul Levos of 141st St NW in Livonia Township reported the theft of a Remington 870 Express model 12 gauge shotgun valued at $499.00, a 12 gauge shotgun (unknown type) valued at $200.00 and a New England Arms 410 gauge shotgun (youth model)  with a forest green case valued at $200.00.


COBORN’S HAS GIFT GIVING IDEAS and great food. Pictured are Ashley Peltier and Nick Miller, giving away samples at Taste of the Holidays. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER FINALISTS at last weeks Big Lake Chamber of Commerce Christmas get together were Dr. Bill Mickle of Great River Spine and Sport, Chad Lofgren of Lofgren Construction, Gillian Kleppel of Anytime Fitness, and Big Lake Chief of Police Joel Scharf for his Duck Dynasty monstrosity. Dr. Mickle was the winner.

Annual Cookie Walk at Saron Lutheran Church

THE BIG LAKE FIRE DEPT. responded to the scene of a garage fire at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Eagle Lake Road Wednesday afternoon. Officer Guy Chaffee spotted smoke rising from the building and sounded the alarm. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

WEDNESDAY BLPD Officer Guy Chaffee sounded the alarm on a garage fire. Thursday he helped carry out groceries for Eileen Harman at Coborn’s Taste of the Hoildays.