Big Lake Police Dept. 7 Day Activity Report

Big Lake Police Dept.
Chief Joel D. Scharf
Major Call For Service Categories
3  -  Theft-Fraud
1  -  Burglary
3  -  Alarm-Security
3  -  Harassment
5  -  Traffic Accidet
5  -  Medical
1  -  Assault
2  -  Narcotics
9  -  Agency/Public Assist
5  -  Civil Complaint
61 - Traffic Enforcement
1   - Predatory Offender Regist.
1  -  Domestic Disturbance
6 -  Suspicious Activity
9  -  Admin.-Background Check
3  - Fight-Disturbing the Peace
2  - Crimes Against Family
1  -  Property Damage
26 - All Other Calls For Service
147 Total Calls for Service
Traffic/Warning Activity
1  -  City Ordinance
1  -  Loud Noise
19 - Vehicle Lighting Violation
3  -  Vehicle Regist. Violation
1  -  Other Vehicle Equipment
3  -  Lane Usage
22  - Speeding-Exceed the Limit
2   - Stop Sign/Red Light Violat.
3 -  Vehicle Insurance Violation
2  - Drivers License Violation
2  -  All Other Driving Conduct
59 - Total Warnings
14 - Parking Citations
1   - Noise Ordinance Violation
2   - Warrant Arrest
6   - No Insurance Proof
1   - Underage Alcohol Consumpt
2   - Disobey Red Light-Stop Sgn
1   - 4th Deg Driv Under the Infl
1   - Refuse to Surrender Regist.
5   - Speeding-Exceed the Limit
1   - 2nd Deg Posses of Meth
1  - Criminal Damage to Property
1  - Possession of Marijuana
1  - Possession of Drug Paraph
2  - Curfew Violation
3 - Driving After Suspen/Revok
42 - Total Arrests
Calls of Interest Summary
03-18:  Fight involving 4 individuals at a local establishment, mediated and dispersed. *Light pole struck on Forest Road, driver left the scene. *Hit and run accident at  Hwy 10 and Eagle Lake Rd, one vehicle fled northbound on Eagle Lake Road, investigation continuing.  03-17:  2 vehicle crash at Hwy 10 and 25, minor damage. *Suspect arrested on outstanding arrest warrant, after a traffic stop.  03-16:  Complaint of loud noise from a group of vehicles on Minnesota, all involved warned of noise ordinance.  03-16:  Report of threats between residents on Leighton, both warned to have no further contact. *Report of a fight on Minnesota, parties dispersed and warned. *Report of violation of harassment restraining order via suspect hacking into victims Facebook Account, investigation continuing. *Noise complaint on Minnesota, warned. *Report of an assault, with unknown injuries, victim treated at Centracare, investigation continuing.  03-15:  Noise complaint on Minnesota, parties warned. *Suspect arrested for DWI following a traffic stop for a traffic violation.  03-14:  Report of hit and run accident on Oregon Ave, no current suspect information. *Report of an ATV on roadway multiple time during the day, warned. *Report of harassment from neighbors, referred to seek a no contact order. *Report of Burglary and theft of enclosed trailer at H2 Outfitters.  03-13:  Suspect arrested on outstanding arrest warrant and transported to jail. *Report of counterfeit $20 passed at a local business, investigation continuing. *Domestic disturbance, suspect arrested for possession of methamphetamine and property damage.  03-12:  Report of a hit and run accident on Maple Lane, no suspect. *2 runaways located on Polk Ave. for Becker PD.


James Patrick Agosto

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY WALL RAISING CEREMONY  in Big Lake for the Jeremy Iaquinto-Trisha Egan family. Jeremy and Dontay are in the doorway, Grandma is next, then daughters Erin, Arianna and Hailey, with mom Trisha looking on behind them. Pastor Terry Gryzbowski is in the pink shirt, next to them. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

FUDGIN’ DELICIOUS ICE CREAM has delicious treats for everyone as well as an amazing line of home decor products. Last week the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new business. Pictured from the left are Deb Steiskal from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s office, Donna Clarksean from KleinBank, owner Anne McKeehan, Melanie Yarke, Sherburne County Economic Development Specialist Dan Weber, John Howard from Coborn’s, Big Lake Chamber of Commerce President Tricia Skodje, City of Big Lake Economic Development’s Heidi Steinmetz, local author Lauri Robinson, Susan Nagorski from the West Sherburne Tribune, Big Lake Chief of Police Joel Scharf and Mayor Raeanne Danielowski. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).