New E-Cigarette regulations and free signs for all businesses

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Recent changes in state law have placed new regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in specific indoor spaces. As of July 1, 2014, e-cigarette use is prohibited in the following locations:
Licensed day care and foster care facilities
Health care facilities
Government buildings including those owned or operated by the state of Minnesota, any city, county, township, school district or any other political subdivision
Public universities
Department of Human Services-licensed facilities
Minnesota Department of Heath-licensed facilities subject to federal licensing regulations.
If you own or operate a business within the state of Minnesota that is not included in the list above, you have the option to establish an individual policy restricting the use of e-cigarettes. “Studies have found e-cigarette vapor contains nicotine, heavy metals and other toxic compounds,” said John Schmitz, MD, medical director of the Tobacco Cessation Program at Centracare Health. “There have been no long-term studies conducted on e-cigarettes, so the lasting impact of those exposed to secondhand vapor is unknown.”
Crave the Change highly encourages individual organizations, cities and counties to update their policies to restrict the use of e-cigarettes in all public places. 
For free sample policy language and signs, please contact Alicia Bauman, 320-251-2700, ext 77527 or baumana@centracare. com. 
Sign orders can also be requested at www.cravethe


BETTY THIELEN, 88, of Big Lake was seriously injured in a traffic accident on Airport Road in Big Lake Township Thursday afternoon. (Archive photo by Jennifer Edwards).

BIG LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL have purchased hydration stations for their school and help prevent waste from plastic water bottles. Front row from left to right is Sophie Wesolowski, Emily Zinken, Erin Rootes, Mia Mielke, Destinee Schieck and Annika Holl. Back row from left to right is Erik Poffenberger, Sydney Throolin, Hailey Atwood, Cassie Walsh, Trent Ramert, Isabella Dahlen, Lexi Nau and Ashlyn Mattson. (Submitted photo).

SHERBURNE COUNTY SHERIFF Joel Brott at the Orrock Township meeting Wednesday. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

THE BIG LAKE AMBASSADORS take charge of the serving line.