OBITUARY - Mary F. Donahue

Mary F. Donahue 
Donahue, Dr. Mary F. died June 14, 2014, about two weeks after what she called her "living wake" a combination 85th birthday and good-bye party at her home in Shorewood. 
Mary was one of those rare people who grabbed life by the horns, climbed on, and DECIDED where it was going to take her. 
From the time she was born June 3, 1929 through a short engagement with Ridgeview Hospice House in Chaska, she held life's reins firm. Even her death was on her terms. 
Given a diagnosis of a rare gastrointest- inal condition, she opted not to have the corrective surgery and entered hospice not with sadness, but with the knowledge and joy of a life well lived and a conviction that death should be done well too. Genuinely interested in people, caring for them was the theme of her life. 
From her start at age 12 doing laundry at her parents Dr. William E. and Mildred M. Hart's 15-bed hospital in Monticello; to becoming a laboratory medicine technologist and hospital and clinic administrator; to graduating from medical school in her early 40's; she put her talent to work for others. 
In addition to her varied medical career, she pursued her life-long love of gardening, canning, quilting, sewing and knitting; read four books a week; and engaged in civic work. She did all this while being a mom to two kids and a wife and business partner to husband Patrick, for whom she was the primary care giver before his death from a long illness at their longtime home near Big Lake. 
In 2007, she moved to Shorewood and started anew. She quickly made friends, joined multiple clubs, helped start a city-wide community gardening program and kept on canning, quilting, etc. - all of which she shared with others. "More energy than time," she would say. 
Her family, her son Michael and his wife Patricia Winget, her daughter Bridget and her husband Paul Borgeson miss her. Her brother Michael Hart (Gay) and her sister Patricia Farrington, and many nieces and nephews also survive her. 
All are proud of all that Mary did and the people whose lives she touched. She admired the Dalai Lama and believed in Albert Einstein's view of the afterlife. So she is out there in our big, big universe somewhere, no doubt stirring things up. She will be cremated. 
There will be an open house celebration of her life at the Southshore Community Center in Shorewood June 26, 2014, from 3 to 8 p.m. 
Any remembrances are requested as donations to Friends of the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge.


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TYLER HUVER had fun with playdough at the Big Lake School District Early Childhood open house last month. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards.)

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