Officer dragged by vehicle during arrest

Big Lake Police Dept.
Chief Joel D. Scharf

On 12/30/2013 Big Lake Police were contacted a victim indicating she had received over 300 text

messages or phone calls from Jesus Puente (Age 34-Big Lake) regarding contact with their children.

Jesus Puente then contacted Big Lake Police demanding an Officer accompany him to see his children

at a location in which an active Court Order for Protection was in place barring his presence. After

being informed of this, Puente became very agitated. Officers proceeded to the address involved on

Aberdeen Ave. in Big Lake anticipating Puente may go there despite the court order and instructions.

Officers were in front of the involved residence when they observed Puente approach about 9:00 p.m.

Lt. Sam Olson approached the passenger side of the 2011 Chevrolet Pickup Puente was driving, and

spoke briefly to him through an open window. Puente was instructed to exit the vehicle that he was

under arrest for violating the court protection order. Puente responded with an expletive, began to roll

up the window, and placed the vehicle in drive accelerating away. Lt. Olson’s left arm was partially in

the open window, and became caught in the window, he was unable to free himself. Lt. Olson was

dragged by his left arm as Puente attempted to flee the scene. As Lt. Olson was being dragged, he was

struggling to pull himself away from the rear tire in which he was in danger of being run over by. Lt.

Olson managed to draw his duty weapon, pointed it at the driver, and yelled that if he did not stop deadly

force would be used. Lt. Olson was dragged about 125 feet prior to Puente stopping the vehicle.

A struggle ensued with all Officers on the scene as they tried to remove Puente from the vehicle and

take him into custody. Puente was taken into custody and faces charges of; 1st Degree Felony Assault-

Deadly Force, 2nd Degree Felony Assault, 4th Degree Assault on a Peace Office, and Violation of a Court

Order for Protection. Puente is currently in custody in the Sherburne County Jail. Lt. Olson was treated

and released at CentraCare Medical Center in Monticello.


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