DEAN-O-MITE ENTERTAINMENT. Dean Downs gets all the kids dancing at the Lions 40th anniversary open house. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards.)

Nice Going, Big Lake Lions!

Gary W. Meyer


Saturday was cold and windy, a little rain coming down from the heavens.
   But that didn’t stop the Big Lake Lions from celebrating their 40th birthday at Lions Park.
The Lions turned out en masse to welcome the public, have demonstrations and pork sandwiches and an enjoyable time.
The Lions have been a big part of the Big Lake community since their inception back in 1973. They started with several strong-willed individuals who felt there was a need for public service.
   In fact, of the three originating members, two - Norm Leslie and Bob Noble - were there shaking hands Saturday. That has been their pledge to the community - and they have enthused others along the way to step in and help.
   Their projects have been wide-ranging and numerous. Some have been very noticeable within the community, like their work with Spud Fest, the holiday food basket program, the various “fries” and their sponsorship of the Lions Park facilities, which also serves as home to Big Lake Township.
   Many of their community support activities have been less-noticed.
But there always have been two constants to Big Lake Lions’ endeavors: Plenty of people will show up to help - and they will do it with smiles on their faces.
   Hats off to the Big Lake Lions. Happy Birthday - and best wishes for many more.


THE BIG LAKE LIONESS ANNUAL GARAGE SALE drew plenty of shoppers to Lions Park Saturday morning. The Lioness Club has been serving the Big Lake Community for 31 years. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

TREE EXPERT Gina Hugo works for the Sherburne County Soil and Water Conservation District.