ALMOST DONE WITH SHOPPING are Madison Leverty and Marissa Hoffarth.

Lioness hard at work playing Santa's helpers

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
Saturday morning was busy and bright in the Big Lake Township Hall in Lions Park as the Big Lake Lioness held their annual Shop With Santa event for children.
Parents sipped coffee and munched on doughnuts while their children shopped for affordable gifts made or donated by Lioness members.
There were personal shoppers on hand, student volunteers and the Big Lake Ambassadors, to help the little ones select and pay for their purchases. 
The tables were laden with gifts for everyone in the family, from younger brothers and sisters to mom and dad and grandparents.
In the corner, next to the Christmas tree, Santa Claus visited with the young shoppers, finding out what they really want for Christmas.
Among the shoppers were Madison Leverty and Marissa Hoffarth.
“I am still shopping for presents,” said Madison.
“I am done,” said Marissa.
“I am still working on it,” said Robert Nichols, who was there with his daughter, Alyssa. “But I hope to get it all finished up this weekend.”
“We had a great turnout,” said Lioness Kay Hendrickson . “It was really a rush when we first opened the doors.”


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