Terri Konczak

Konczak new staff member

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The Initiative Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of new staff members in its ongoing effort to advance economic and community development and philanthropic giving in its 14-county region of Central Minnesota.
Terri Konczak, Big Lake joins the Initiative Foundation team as an early childhood dental network specialist. She is a graduate of Concordia University, St. Paul, with a degree in early childhood development.
Konczak leads the Initiative Foundation’s launch of an Early Childhood Dental Network in Central Minnesota. This new initiative will collaborate with regional and local organizations to increase oral health awareness and education and to improve dental care access in Central Minnesota. 
The overarching goal is to develop strategies to address the oral health issues of children ages 0-5, especially our neediest children, including those for whom poverty, geography, language or culture is a barrier to receiving affordable, quality dental care.


Travis J. Doering

BABY LIAM SCHUMACHER and marathon runner Amy Visci who returns to Boston this year to support Team Liam. (Submitted photo).

WATERSHED EVENT. Sherburne SWCD Watershed Coordinator Tiffany Determan will host the third-annual Mississippi Watershed Event Thursday, April 24 from 4-7 p.m. in the Monticello Community Center at 505 Walnut St. SWCD staff and experts from state and federal agencies will be on hand to discuss lake and stream renovation projects, and refreshments will be served. (David Hannula photo.)

PAPER TRAIL. Newspapers, tax records, plat books and dozens of other books and printed items in the collection at the Sherburne History Center were highlighted during the "Day at the Museum" tour at the facility last Saturday. One day, the newspapers shown here and many others will be available on a computer screen, SHC officials said, making family historical research a much more convenient process. (David Hannula photo.)

OUTSTANDING FORESTRY AWARD. Sherburne SWCD Conservationist Gina Hugo received this Minnesota Community Forestry Award in March for her work in five urban communities in the previous year. (David Hannula photos.)