THE GREAT BRODINI got a little help from four-year old Elias Henning during his performance at the Big Lake Public Library Monday. Brodini has been performing his act for 30 years and has worked with the library’s summer reading program for 13 years. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Kids meet the Great Brodini at the library

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
The Great Brodini brought his magic to the Big Lake Public Library this week to entertain an audience of about 50 youngsters plus their parents. Magician Graylyn Brodini Morris  was raised in the Los Angeles area and has dazzled and amazed audiences nationwide for over 30 years with his fast paced illusions and knack for entertaining children.
Brodini has lived and worked in the Twin Cities since 1987. Every winter he travels to Cabo for two months to perform. The rest of the time, he does his tricks for young audiences in Minnesota and the surrounding region. 
“I have been doing the library summer reading program for about 13 years now,” he said.
The Great Brodini called on the children in the audience to help with his magic. Lots of the illusions focused on money and the audience gasped when he changed a dollar bill into quarters, then magically changed it back with the help of Alexis. 
Mason found a banana in his Davy Crocket cap. Magically the banana turned into 10 bananas when a magic wand was waved over it and the right magic words were said.
“I learned a lot of my tricks from library books and you can too,” the Great Brodini said. “You should go to the library as soon as we are done and find some books on magic.”
Elias Henning, age four, was asked to take a white hanky from a bag but when he put his hand in the bag, he only found a black one. When he was asked for a black one, he found the white one. Later, the only handkerchief he could find was a red one. 
With help from The Great Brodini, a magic wand and a few words, Elias finally made the little red hanky disappear, much to his own surprise.
Owen, Lydia, Anthony, Josie and Gabe all helped out with tricks one by one as the audience was amazed and amused at the same time. 
The Great Brodini finished his show by finding coins in ears, arms and noses all around the room, much to the delight of the audience, who cheered each time he dropped another coin in the bucket.
Upcoming activities at the Big Lake Library include Fizzy Bombs with Arakadoodle June 25 for school aged children. Toddler story time is set for June 27 and the Big Lake Book Club for adults is July 9. 
ArtStart presents Matryoshka Dolls July 10 for teens and adults and toddler story time is July 11. 
Preregistration  is required for most library activities although there is no fee. 
Contact the library at (763) 263-6445 to reserve a seat.


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