RUSSELL VIERKANDT, like many people, has resolved not to make any New Year’s resolutions this year.

Another year to make a resolution

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
The New Year is a time for change and this year, with two new moons in January, is no exception. Many Big Lakers have been thinking about changes they would like to make in their lives this year. 
Colleen DeGrio, who manages the office at Big Lake High School, chose a goal shared by many; getting healthier in 2014. 
“I decided I am going o do some sort of physical activity for 30 minutes every day. It may be walking or weight lifting, but something,” she said. I have even brought my exercise clothes to work with me so I can go and work out after school.”
Marcia Boone, who works at Boone Family Chiropractic also says her goal is to stay healthy and get healthier. Darek Vetsch, who looks the picture of health, has a different but very important goal this year.
“My resolution is to spend more time with my children,”  he said.
Naomi Stellflug, who works behind the deli counter at Coborn’s, also had a very strong resolution for the New Year.
“I resolve to hold nothing back,” she said, as she frosted a pan of Rice Krispie bars with chocolate.
At Caribou Coffee, Barista Ashleigh Paul had a resolution of her own.
“I decided to work on budgeting and saving more money,” she said.
Big Lake High School Teacher Dan Thiele didn’t have time in his busy day to slow down for a picture but he did have a New TYear’s resolution. 
“Day by day,” he said. “I am jus going to take things day by day.”
But others fell into the same boat as Russell Vierkandt. 
Although Russell is retired, he works part time at Coborn’s as a book keeper.
“I resolved not to make any resolutions,” he said. “They never come out right.”


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