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Has anyone else noticed the amount of car accidents and potential car accidents at the intersection of Highway 10, Phyllis Street, and Rose Drive, in Big Lake, near the Lake Shopping Center and the Post Office?  I have been witness to two accidents there in the last year, and yesterday I saw two separate near-accidents within minutes of each other that could have gone very bad, but thankfully did not.  The problem is that it is difficult to have a rare 'three-way stop' next to a busy four-lane highway, where the faster incoming traffic from the highway does not have to stop.  Most of those drivers blast through the intersection way too fast.  I might have to bring up this issue at a city council meeting.  Perhaps we could make it apparent at the three stop signs that the highway traffic does not stop as it enters.  Or, much like the removal of the intersection on the highway-side of Dairy Queen, we could just eliminate the dangerous section and block it off from the highway traffic, which would route traffic to the stop light near the lumber yard.   Unfortunately, those major road changes take time.  It might be a little easier, however, if everyone just slowed down and watched for the incoming traffic from the highway.  
Thank you for proceeding with caution.
Jack Merwin
Big Lake, MN


Franklin F. Kemp

TYLER HUVER had fun with playdough at the Big Lake School District Early Childhood open house last month. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards.)

GRAY AREAS indicate counties that are not currently part of an RDC. (Submitted chart.)

SOLDIERS LETTERS. The Minnesota Military Veterans Family Tribute (MFT) project is seeking items of correspondence from Sherburne County veterans from the Civil War through today for possible inclusion on the Story Stone each county will have on the memorial now under construction on the State Capitol Mall in St. Paul. The photo depicts an artist's rendition of the material to be etched on the stones, one for each of the 87 counties in the state.