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CSAH 5 Re-Striping to a 3-Lane Section (Contin-uous Left Turn Lane)
Sherburne County is in the process of changing the striping on Co. Rd. 5 from 2-thru lanes with shoulder to a 3-lane serction (2-thru lanes with a continuous left turn lane). While the main 3-lane configuration is done, we are working to get additional striping and signing to help make this segment less confusing.
Public Works had met with the sheriff and the police cheif earlier this summer to address the safety of this segment of roadway. There was a great deal of concern with safety since cars were backing up during peak traffic times and specifically the amount of cars illegally passing on the right (the shoulder where there has been pedestrians) in order to get thru this segment.
We have this same 3-lane configuration on other road segments throughout the county (CSAH 23 in Becker, CSAH 4 and CR 45 in Zimmerman, CR 43 in Big Lake).
The continuous left turn lane configuration has had many studies done and results have shown that they are a cost-effective treatment that increase efficiency and safety, especially on roadways with a high frequency of left turn movements. This continous left turn lane segment will alleviate the tendency to pass on the shoulder since thru traffic will have their own lane. Safety is the main reason we are making this change.
We understand that change is difficult initally but feel this is the best solution for everyone that utilizes this roadway. The county, city and schools are working together to make this area as safe as possible keeping in mind the high volume of traffic near the school. We have also been working with the Big Lake Schools to get a paved trail achieved before school starts.
Rhonda F. Lewis, P.E.
Sherburne Cty Engineer
Elk River, MN
I witnessed an inspiring yet frustrating scene at Tuesday’s primary election requiring a note to the editor.
I had just completed voting at City Hall and as I walked out I noticed an older couple getting out of their car. I soon observed the gentleman was wearing a WW2 cap so I proceeded to greet him and thank him for his heroic service. They were there to vote.
I soon learned the gentleman was 96 and his wife a tad younger. It was early in the day and both had obvious physical limitations but that did not keep them from doing their patriotic DUTY. Yes their Duty. Here is a man and woman who have given so much to their country and continue to do so.
As they approached the entrance to the City Hall the woman lost her balance and fell. Bruised and shaken but still focused on her DUTY to vote. To say I was honored to meet them and amazed at their vigor and obligation to their DUTY is an understatement.
I understand the turnout was low Statewide and that is despicable and without excuse. Here was a wonderful WW2 veteran who sacrificed and for many years put himself in harms way to assure our right to vote. How sad it must be for him to see generation after generation fall its DUTY.
So the next time you stay up all night dreaming of excuses not to vote or complain about our country remember the WW2 vet walking with a cane holding the arm of his wife doing their DUTY.
You have until November to think up new excuses.
George Quinn
Big Lake, MN


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LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THIRD GRADERS made the audience shiver and shudder Tuesday night with Squirm!, their musical about creepy crawlie creatures. The production had lots of choreography with the singing as well as speaking roles and percussionists. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).