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In response to TEA Party Patriot Jill Battin:
Ms. Battin, Thank you. I could not have said it better. 
Your letter was the best. Again, thank you.
Roger Koopmeiners
Big Lake, MN
Tis the season to begin our collection of mittens, hats and scarves for the mitten tree. This is the fourth year the RiverWood Bank of Big Lake will be having a tree up in their lobby for all to bring items to be hung on the tree.  Items collected will be given to those in need at local schools. Lets be generous with donations to help keep boys and girls warm this winter.
Bank hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. lobby and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the drive-up.
Thanks to all who support this important yearly event.
The Big Lake Lioness
Dee Leslie, Chairman &
     RiverWood Staff
Big Lake, MN
The Big Lake Com-munity Food Shelf [BLCFS] is seeking a community/business leader interested in serving a three year term on the Board of Directors beginning January of 2014. 
The food shelf is a non-profit 501 [c] 3 organization that has served residents of the Big Lake School District for the past 18 years. The mission of the food shelf is to provide emergency food and referral services as well as provide additional resource materials to those who seek assistance. 
This is an exciting time for the food shelf as it moves into the future and focuses on how to increase its resources to better serve those within our community. Duties and responsibilities are, but not limited to, formulating and following policies and procedures, overseeing budgetary responsibilities, seeking additional resources and funding, enhancing community involvement and outlining a workable strategic plan for the future of the board, volunteers and food shelf in our community.
Interested parties may contact Board Chairperson Judie Zaske for further information.
Judie Zaske, Chairperson
Board of Directors, BLCFS
Big Lake, MN
Re:  Big Lake City Council discussion of water rates.  
Water/sewer rates are high and it's not just a "small minority" who are concerned.  My bill has more than doubled in the last several years and continues to rise.  I don't water my lawn and have tried everything I can to conserve. Still no dent in my bill.  During the time my bill has increased, our household has decreased in size from four to three.  
After reading an article in the Star Tribune last fall (Exurbs Built Infrastruc-ture, but Nobody Came to Pay for It, Nov. 12, 2012), I contacted the former finance director who was quoted as recommending water rate increases of 5% for years to come and sewer rates even higher.  I was told it was basically a done deal because the wastewater plant needs to be paid for.  Someone anticipated the City of Big Lake would grow much more than it has and now the current residents are stuck paying for that prediction.
I find it ironic that the city council won't pay $10,000 for a rate study to benefit all 10,000+ residents, but is willing to pay $9,950 for a compensation study concerning 36 city employees.
   Bridgette Manderfeld
   Big Lake, MN
After further reflection on my Letter to the Editor regarding the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann, as well as several responses I received, I realize I was overly harsh in my opinion of the Tea Party.
Being a combat Vietnam Vet, I realize the high price that has been paid in our country so that we can have dialogue in which differing views can be expressed. Whether you’re a moderate Republican or a Tea Party Republican, a majority of either view will win over the party, and that view will become the platform going forward.
My opinion is that if the Tea Party becomes the majority, moderates will slowly leave the party. If moderates take back the party we will have a new and very engaged third party.
   Dale Lais
   Big Lake, MN


Kathleen R. Huber

DANCERS FROM JENNIFER’S DANCE CENTER will be performing at Disney World in Florida in October. Pictured (front row, left to right), are Grace Esselman, Lillian St. Jean, Sophia Gerou, Kailey Buchta, Rowan Payne and Hannah Oakes. Middle row are Amelia Cameron, Brianna Anthony, Jacqie Bengtson, Gianna Mitchell, Alex Dillion, Abby Yanke and Rose Curtis. Back row are Tori Ramert, Alexis Erickson, Sophia St. Ives, Tiana Link, Rachel Royseth, Kristian Kunkel, Brooklynn Bengtson, Nicole Bengtson and Kendall Luoma. Not pictured are Haylee Oakes and Melanie Miskowic. (Submitted photo).

FIVE GIRLS FROM MARY OF THE VISITATION CHURCH’S YOUTH GROUP helped Gail Stanley (not pictured) of Big Lake pack her belongings for a move she was taking to Princeton last weekend. The girls are (from left to right): Bridget Buchholz, Jasmine Johnson, Michaela Manifold, Brittney Kostek and Josie Berger. (Photo by Bill Morgan)

CENTRACARE HEALTH MONTICELLO HOSPITAL provides top-quality health care for the community. St. Cloud Hospital, run by CentraCare Health, was recently named the third best medical facility in the state, second only to the Mayo Clinic and Abbot Northwestern. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

CHUCK MAURER, 54, of Becker was killed in a car crash Tuesday and his 10 year old daughter, Casey, was airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center after his mini-van was t-boned by a pickup truck driven by four teenagers from Little Falls. (Submitted photo courtesy of the Maurer family.)
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