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If you had the opportunity to make a choice and save a life, would you do it?
If the choice would save the life of a child, would you do it?
Car crashes are the leading cause of death of children under age 14, according to the Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety.  The proper use of car seats and seatbelts greatly reduces the number of car-related fatalities.  With babies, you will see people toting car seats.   Folks, know that infants should ride in rear-facing car-seats as long as possible up to the manufacturer’s allowable recommendations for that seat, before switching to a forward-facing car seat.  It is the best way to keep kids safe.  Older children should ride in booster seats (  Minnesota law requires all children under eight years of age to ride in a federally approved booster seat, unless the child is 4’9’’ or taller.  Once the child outgrows the booster seat, a seatbelt alone can be used ( 
Sherburne County Health and Human Services provides instruction on the proper use and installation of car seats.   Car seat distribution classes are offered once a month to those who qualify (guardians receive a new child safety seat and receive instruction on its proper use and installation).  
If you are interested in signing up for a class, call 1-800-433-5237 or 763-765-4000.    
It is extremely important for kids to be properly seat belted to ensure their safety.  9 out of 10 car seats are used incorrectly which can lead to injury and even death if the vehicle happens to crash (Sherburne County Public Health).   Always remember to use a car seat for every trip, select a car seat based on the child’s age and size, make sure the car seat is compatible with the vehicle by checking the manufacturer’s instructions and always have children ride in the backseat where it is safer.  
The choice is simple….a child’s safety is at stake.   
Alyssa Wojack
Sherburne County Attorney’s Office Intern
Elk River, MN
Beware of “End Times” (according to Michelle Bachmann).
Two statements Michelle made recently put a little scare into me. One, delivered on Oct. 7: Her claim that President Obama was arming rebels, include Al Qaeda and that this proved that we are in the end days (Apocalypse). She stated that we are supposed to rejoice, (maranatha) and be glad.
Her second statement was given when Congress shut down the government. She told us that she had never seen the Republicans more united and happy as a result of pulling off this feat of bravery. First of all, the Republican party was not happy about shutting down the government, only your Tea Party right wingers were. So please, don’t trash the Republican Party and try to include yourself under our umbrella. The umbrella is large, not deformed. Michelle’s first statement, about the end times, I believe, pertains to her personally, rather than to the rest of God’s creation. The end times, for her, was the ethics violations, numerous embarrassing guffaws, and her run for the 2012 Presidency.
Now granted, that was her apocalypse, but for the rest of us in the 6th District it was our heaven. I believe we all got our holidays a little early this year and we know who got what. 
Michelle got Halloween and we got Christmas.
Dale Lais
Big Lake, MN


COBORN’S HAS GIFT GIVING IDEAS and great food. Pictured are Ashley Peltier and Nick Miller, giving away samples at Taste of the Holidays. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER FINALISTS at last weeks Big Lake Chamber of Commerce Christmas get together were Dr. Bill Mickle of Great River Spine and Sport, Chad Lofgren of Lofgren Construction, Gillian Kleppel of Anytime Fitness, and Big Lake Chief of Police Joel Scharf for his Duck Dynasty monstrosity. Dr. Mickle was the winner.

Annual Cookie Walk at Saron Lutheran Church

THE BIG LAKE FIRE DEPT. responded to the scene of a garage fire at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Eagle Lake Road Wednesday afternoon. Officer Guy Chaffee spotted smoke rising from the building and sounded the alarm. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

WEDNESDAY BLPD Officer Guy Chaffee sounded the alarm on a garage fire. Thursday he helped carry out groceries for Eileen Harman at Coborn’s Taste of the Hoildays.