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I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for publishing the recent
messages about the food lunch program and make a couple of observations.
First I think that Mr. Collier is right in drawing attention to the wastefulness of government spending.   I also observed certain similarities in the objections that followed.   First the weakest objection was that Mr. Collier was harassing the worker by questioning her.  I find that this is the usual way certain people go about defending a weak argument, when they can’t defend their case with a compelling counter argument, they think that they can just end the conversation by claiming harassment, and that will end the dialogue.
Elections are coming soon and I think that this conversation is timely, as it
shows quite clearly two very opposing ways of dealing with wasteful government spending.  On the one hand you have the people who want government freebies severely curbed so that those who are capable of taking care of themselves are forced to do so, and not feed off the government trough.  On the other hand you have those who don’t believe any change can be made and therefore what’s the point in trying.
Finally, in 20 years in Big Lake I have yet to see a single starving child, and I don’t think that starvation is a major issue in Big Lake.  I think we’ve all seen the images from Haiti and Central Africa of starving children, so we all can agree what constitutes a starving child.  I also think everyone would agree that there are times when a family needs a hand during tough times, but shouldn’t this be the responsibility of charitable organizations and not the government?   In other words, let it be my choice to feed those in need by making a contribution to the Big Lake Food Shelf, or Feed my Starving Children, don’t use the tax system to rob me of what I’ve worked hard for so others can get a free lunch.
Again, I would like to thank Mr. Collier for his letter as I think the careful reader has read between the lines of those who would argue that healthy young men and women, driving their parent’s nice automobiles around, don’t really qualify as starving, disadvantaged, or in need of a meal at the taxpayers’ expense.  
Mike Mitchell
Big Lake, MN


MAX LOFGREN, getting fitted for a bike helmet by Scott Barta, told his mom Alisha the Bike Rodeo was “...the best place in the whole world.”

LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THIRD GRADERS made the audience shiver and shudder Tuesday night with Squirm!, their musical about creepy crawlie creatures. The production had lots of choreography with the singing as well as speaking roles and percussionists. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Kara Zoller, Health Promotions Supervisor