Love should be in the air - for everyone - every day

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
Whether we have romantic partners or not, we all had an opportunity to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day this week.
Some have urged romantic couples to be sensitive to singles and not flaunt their passions. 
As a single, other people’s romantic relationships are just a confirmation that love is what makes the world go round, not a cause of jealousy or frustration.
I have been involved in romantic relationships in the past. I may be involved in a romantic relationship again at some point in the future. It is not something I am seeking in my life right now but I won’t rule it out.
Still, it seems only right to celebrate love, wherever it can be found and whatever guise it wears. And there is plenty of love in my life, just not the romantic kind that makes your heart beat faster and your breath come in gasps.
For example, I love my mother and my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. I love my friends and I love my pets.  I love my neighborhood, my community, God and my church, my country, all kinds of love worth recognizing and celebrating.
No, I have no plans to go out for a big dinner Friday, but I will buy my dogs a bag of biscuits, send my siblings messages of love and affection on social media and a nice card to my mother, who still likes things old school.
I will buy myself some candy, but likely I will wait until Saturday, when doubtless is will be cheaper by half. 
Like most singles these days, if I really want something, getting it for myself beats waiting and hoping that somehow, miraculously, somebody else will figure out exactly what it is I want and surprise me with it.
I do occasionally buy myself flowers or jewelry and I do not consider myself deprived in any way. It doesn’t bother me in the least if other people are involved in romance. It’s still fun to read love stories and dream about what may be to come someday, or recall sweet memories of love from days gone by.
Life has so many strange twists and turns, ups and downs and surprises. Just when you think there is nothing left in life which could surprise you,  life grabs you by the hand and off you go on another new path. There is nothing as constant as change.
Another thing I have learned over the years is that it is never wrong to love someone. I am not saying its ok to force your feelings on somebody else. Love is kind and respectful above all.
Love between a parent and a child is one of the strongest kinds of love there is. The sweetest kiss I ever got was from my two-year old, hands sticky with peanut butter.
That is why it is so shocking when families are abusive. There is enough negative stuff in the world to knock a person down. 
Home and family should be a place of sanctuary, where each member is loved and nurtured and built up. You don’t have to be involved in a romantic relationship to be a kind and loving person.
Handsome is as handsome does, my grandmother would say. So don’t just tell someone you love them. Show them anyway you can.


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