Next two clues for hunters

Submitted Article

The Heritage Days celebration is getting closer and the Medallion is still out there. Here are the next two clues for the medallion hunt: Clue 5: To find the medallion and get on the right track, a sharp mind and perseverance you must not lack. Clue 6: Let’s go back to 1881. William Crooks did it first. This was the creation of the 19th century tycoon James J. Hill. Good luck!


DAUNTE BATES is ready to enjoy his lunch.

MONTICELLO PUBLIC WORKS Mike Rogers catching the cockatoo which flew into a window of their building. (Submitted photos).

2014-2015 SHERBURNE COUNTY FAIR Junior Royalty are Duke Mike Edlund, Duchess Sophia Gerou, King Justice Haom, Queen Peyton Provost, Prince Tyson Newman and Princess Lilian Lies with the past royalty. (Submitted photo courtesy of Always Platinum Photography).

SMOKEY THE BEAR posed for a picture with Mia and Yazmine Garcia at the Big Lake Public Library. Smokey teaches everyone to prevent wildfires. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Cooper Adcock and Natalie Johnson volunteered to be in charge of selling snacks to weary shoppers at the Sale of Stuff.