MINNESOTA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR SCOTT HONOUR (L), along with Sen. Dave Brown (M) and Honour’s running mate Karin Housley (R) spoke to the media last Friday in support of Sherco and their energy production using coal. (Photo by Bill Morgan)

GOP candidates standing up for SHERCO

Scott Honour spoke last Friday outside the offices of the Firebuggz company in the industrial park on the importance of keeping coal as one of Minnesota's ener



Phyllis G. Monson

THE TEEN BAND PLATYPUS will perform at the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce annual Block Party at McPete’s Sept. 6.

NO LEFT TURNS ALLOWED exiting from Big Lake High School property onto Eagle Lake Road when school starts up in September. The new rule is to alleviate congestion and and is part of the county plan which changed traffic lane configurations. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Pictured from left to right are scholarship winners Jordyn Edling, Madi VanHorsen, and Breanna Cornwell volunteering to sell ducks for Monticello’s Riverfest celebration. (Submitted photo.)