JOE SCHANEN of the Sherburne County Water Patrol talked about no wake zones and the importance of wearing life jackets while out on the water.

Family safety class helps parents and kids

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
Sherburne County Health and Human Services held a family safety event at The Friendly Buffalo Monday evening.
One of their chief purposes was to make sure infant safety seats are correctly installed.
“What we are finding is that they are either not installed tight enough, or people are using the wrong seat. The seat may be installed in the wrong location, or the seat may have expired,” said Mark Lees. “An infant car seat lasts for about six year and they have an expiration date.”
To perform the safety check, the car seat is taken out of the vehicle and inspected for its expiration date and to see if it has been recalled. Then the parent installs the seat under the watchful eye of county employees, who are present to answer any questions the parents might have. The expired car seats are then recycled, Lees said.
There were radon test kits on sale for $5. Taking the test is simple. Leave the test open in a downstairs room for a certain amount of time, then ship if off for test results. 
Even if a home has been tested once and no radon found, the test should be repeated at different times of year as conditions change.
Mike Hoffman has been a disaster services volunteer with the American Red Cross  for almost 39 years, helping people after disasters like a house fire and educating people in emergency preparedness.
“The Red Cross has free mobile apps on what to do and how to prepare for a disaster,” said Hoffman, who volunteers with the Central Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross.
“You can just download them onto your cell phone.”
Hoffman was using a doll house to infitate conversations about how to get out of a house which is on fire.
“Every bedroom should have two exits,” Hoffman said. If there is a fire, first feel the door to see if it’s hot. If it isn’t, open the door and get down low to crawl out. Then have a place to meet when everyone is outside,” he said.
The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers, Hoffman said.
“There are lots of opportunities,” he said. “Right now there are some volunteers up by International Falls feeding sand-baggers.”
Anyone interested in volunteering should call 1 (320) 251-7641 or 1 (612) 871-7676.
The Big Lake Fire Dept. was on hand with their ladder truck and Sgt. Joe Schanen of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Dept. was their for the water patrol, talking about speed limits in no wake zones on area lakes and the importance of wearing life jackets when out on the water.


CUB SCOUTS FROM PACK 93 came to visit the newspaper office Monday. From left to right, they are Ben Nau, Graelynn Winter, Jonathan McCormack, Gabriel Winter and Caleb Nau. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

SUPERHEROES: WITH GREAT POWER COMES ORDINARY RESPONSIBILITY is the BLHS one-act play this year. Cast and crew includes faculty advisor Ryan Purdy, Shiloh Zoccoli, Baylee Jacobs, Laicole Dobie, Emily Hanson, Autumn Clyde, Justina Zou, Jamie Schwartz, Rick Holbrook, Karissa Bechtold, Alexander Hugh Prom, Hannah Schoening, Heather Yanta, Emma Thompson, Jessica Stenberg, Kaylee Wagner, Aliyah Agyekum, Savannah Mitchell, John Freund, Zarae Jackson, and Aaron Matushenko. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

CITY LEADERSHIP. Maddie Zinken will represent the BLHS Student Council as liaison to the Big Lake City Council. She will also represent Big Lake and the Big Lake Ambassador Program at the Aquatennial in Minneapolis as one of 42 contestants with a shot at being named Queen of the Lakes. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

BIG LAKE CITY COUNCIL recognized Public Works employee John Moshier, retiring after 34 years of service. From the left are City Council Member Seth Hansen, John Moshier Council Member Duane Langsdorf, Mayor Raeanne Danielowski, Council Member Nick Christenson, Council Member Mike Wallen and Public Works Director Mike Goebel. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).