Sen. Bruce Anderson's Column

Bruce Anderson
Last week, the Finance Committee passed the Bullying Bill (HF 826) to the Senate floor. I am against bullying, but I believe the best means to prevent bullying is through local control rather than a state run bureaucracy, such as the Department of Education. Local school boards will be charged $20 million per year and parents will have no knowledge of whether their children are being bullied or are bullies.
Tax Bill
The Tax Bill was another major headline at the Capitol this week and was passed today. It includes some immediate relief for overtaxed Minnesotans, but still results in a net $1.7 billion tax increase for the budget cycle. Despite the adjustment passed in this tax bill, the net result is still a $1.7 billion tax increase for the budget cycle.
This bill is a start, but falls woefully short considering there is a $1.2 billion state surplus that falls on the backs of Minnesota taxpayers. This bill only provides $431 million in tax relief, which is only 1/3 of the surplus. Democrats will spend the rest. This bill only corrects a few of the mistakes of the 2013 session – there is nothing new here that will help taxpayers or spur economic growth. These are not tax cuts we are passing today - the net result of the adjustments in this bill is still a $1.7 billion tax increase for the biennium.
Minnesota would not be in this position if Democrats had listened to Republicans last year when Republicans urged them not to pass these harmful taxes or they had fixed their mistakes at any time over the past year.
Republicans support keeping money in the Minnesota economy, in the pockets of hard working taxpayers across the state. Gov. Dayton and the Democrats have already increased spending more than 10%, and their current proposals call for even more wasteful government spending. Republicans trust Minnesotans will make better decisions with their money than anyone in St. Paul.
Honor and Remember
Fallen Soldiers
Last week the Senate Rules Committee heard one of my bills designating the Honor and Remember Flag as an official symbol of the state's commitment to military service members who have lost their lives in service to our country and encourages display of the flag on certain days in certain public locations. This flag is a symbol of remembrance and thankfulness to the soldier and his family who paid the ultimate price serving their country. At this time, this bill has not had a hearing in the House, so it remains to be seen if it will eventually get to the Senate body for a full vote.
I believe strongly in constituent services so please contact me with questions or comments or if you need any assistance on a state government issue.
Sen. Bruce Anderson
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