It's not Christmas yet

Staff Writer
Ken Francis


Am I missing something?
I’m pretty sure it’s mid-October. At least, that’s what it says on my calendar.
But you wouldn’t know it if you’ve been to some of those big box stores lately. One day last week I did some food shopping and was also looking to stock up on some Halloween candy in case some Trick-or-Treaters showed up at my door next week.
And what did I see at the store? 
Christmas trees and holiday decorations.
Why? Is anybody ready to start decorating their home for the holidays? I haven’t even decided whether I’ll be putting up any Halloween decorations yet. I still don’t have a pumpkin.
And there’s still  Thanksgiving, which is more than a month away.
Christmas is more than two months away. It was actually 10 weeks away when I first spotted the holiday stuff at the store.
Is that how much time in advance the stores think we need to start our holiday shopping? Ten weeks?
If that’s the case, then stores would be stocking their back-to-school stuff right about the time kids were starting their summer vacation.
I know retailers are in business to make money, but sometimes it just seems a bit ridiculous how they try to convince consumers it’s time to start buying things way too soon.
Sometimes it’s the holiday stuff. But it happens throughout the year, too.
It seems every time a new electronic hand-held device (formerly known as a cell phone) is about to hit the stores, people line up days in advance to be the first to have one.
Why? Do they think those billion-dollar companies are going to make a limited number and lose out on all those profits? Those expensive toys will be available for months - or years, until the next version comes out.
Maybe it’s me, or people my age, who remember beginning their shopping a week before Christmas, or even later.
Part of my holiday tradition was hunting for the perfect gift among a crowd of other people trying to accomplish the same thing. It just wouldn’t feel right for me to buy anything Christmas-related while it was still warm enough outside to wear a T-shirt and shorts - or before the World Series has even begun.
And I don’t like the idea of radio stations playing Christmas songs starting the day after Thanksgiving.
Who do they think they’re fooling? I think they want people to get into the holiday mood so everyone will feel like it’s time to start Christmas shopping.
Not me.
I’m not going to give in to those retailers. I won’t start shopping now, or even after Thanksgiving.
I might even wait until Christmas Eve.
Who knows, by then I might have the stores all to myself.


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