Clearwater News

A TOTAL OF 14 TEAMS played in the first annual Clearwater Boot Hockey Tournament at Lions Park last Saturday. It was part of Winter Activity Day, organized by the Clearwater Fire Dept, Fire Auxiliary and the Public Service Activities Board. Above, future hockey stars had a great time trying to score a goal. (Photo by Ken Francis.)

Winter fun for everyone

The first annual Clearwater Boot Hockey Tournament/Winter Fun Day was a success.



Ground temperatures have reportedly risen to the 50-degree mark, which is the signal for the startup of planting. (Photo by Gary W. Meyer)

The atrium, a two-story circular area close to the main entrance to the Government Center, was built during an expansion project in 1986.

BLHS STUDENT Brandon Russell takes charge of the Java Hive, a new fund-raising idea which involves bringing specialty cups of coffee to teachers and staff. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

BLHS STUDENTS Samantha Young and Maddie Witkowski load their lunch trays with fruits and vegetables as well as chicken nuggets. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).