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For more info on additional drop sites, please check out Kayleen Larson Legacy Foundation, (Submitted photo.)

Toy drive until Sept. 13

The Kayleen Larson Legacy Foundation is holding a toy drive until Sept. 13. All presents collected will be taken to the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

COUNCILMAN KRIS CRANDALL (left) and Mayor Pete Edmonson had differing opinions about whether the city should pay WSB for a grant application the firm submitted without full council authorization. The council voted, 3-1 Tuesday to pay the bill. (Photos by Ken Francis.)

Debate over WSB bill ends

After a 10-minute debate between Mayor Pete Edmonson and Council-man Kris Crandall Tuesday, the Clearwater City Council voted, 3-1 to pay a $500 invoice to WSB

THE CLEARWATER CITY COUNCIL decided not to make any payment on the bike trail extension without getting confirmation that the contractor will correct the problems with drainage and fix the bituminous surface. Above is a section near the Main Street end of the trail showing a patched area and standing water after light rain on Wednesday afternoon. (Photo by Ken Francis.)

Council not ready to pay for bike trail

The Clearwater City Council Tuesday decided not to make a partial payment for the bike trail extension, given its current condition.



BETTY THIELEN, 88, of Big Lake was seriously injured in a traffic accident on Airport Road in Big Lake Township Thursday afternoon. (Archive photo by Jennifer Edwards).

BIG LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL have purchased hydration stations for their school and help prevent waste from plastic water bottles. Front row from left to right is Sophie Wesolowski, Emily Zinken, Erin Rootes, Mia Mielke, Destinee Schieck and Annika Holl. Back row from left to right is Erik Poffenberger, Sydney Throolin, Hailey Atwood, Cassie Walsh, Trent Ramert, Isabella Dahlen, Lexi Nau and Ashlyn Mattson. (Submitted photo).

SHERBURNE COUNTY SHERIFF Joel Brott at the Orrock Township meeting Wednesday. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

THE BIG LAKE AMBASSADORS take charge of the serving line.