Winter medallion remains missing

Staff Writer
Ken Francis
No one has come forward to claim the prize for finding the Clearwater Winter Medallion.
The medallion was hidden as part of the Winter Fun Day activities that included the boot hockey tournament that took place at Lions Park in March.
Councilman Kris Crandall of the Public Service Activities (PSA) board, said the medallion was hidden in Eldorado Park near the saplings planted by the city. 
After the ninth and final clue was released on April 5, Crandall says he went back to the hiding spot and the medallion was gone.
So far, no one has come forward to collect the $100 prize and no one has any idea who found the medallion.
Crandall says it’s possible someone, possibly a small child, was playing in the snow and picked it up not knowing about the hunt.
In any event, the prize remains unclaimed. If anyone knows where the medallion is they can contact city hall at 320-558-2428.


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