N.E.D. Show yoyo artiste Sarah Leahy posed with Clearview first-grader Miles Wannebo when the show made a stop at the school on Oct. 9. The program shows the student some spectacular yoyo tricks, and also works with them to enhance achievement and build self-esteem. (Submitted photo.)

N.E.D. Show pays a visit to Clearview

Submitted Article


Oct. 9, the N.E.D. Show came to Clearview elementary School. The program is a “Yoyo Show”, teaching kids how to reach their goals and how to be good to others while doing it.  The “N” in N.E.D. stands for “Never Give Up”, the “E” stands for “Encourage Others”, and the “D” stands for “Do Your Best”.
Then, after the presentation, there are yoyos that are sold. One kind is the basic one with N.E.D. written on it, another is the “Boomerang” that is a yoyo that automatically comes back to you, and the third is the “Cosmic Spin” yoyo, that is one that spins for a while and lets you do longer tricks. It stays in your school for five days.  That is what the N.E.D. Show is.
I think the N.E.D. show is an amazing idea. It teaches kids about how to achieve your goals and hot to be good to others while achieving it, but it was also really cool watching the girl do all those cool tricks with her yoyo. She made us laugh and let us answer some questions; there was even one kid who won a prize!
I think it was a good lesson to learn.  It was fun to learn about N.E.D.!


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