Locals talking about politics

Staff Writer
Ken Francis
About 30 people attended Tuesday’s Republican Precinct Caucus at the Clearwater Legion.
It was a combined caucus representing Cleawater City and township and Clear Lake City and township.
“It was a pretty good turnout considering it’s not a presidential election year,” said Dave Kunkel, who assisted basic political organizing unit (BPOU) Chairmain Barry Kukowski.
Those in attendance had a chance to endorse candidates and talk about issues of concern.
Not unexpectedly, the future of the Sherco Plant in Becker was a topic for a few peple there who worked at the plant.
They discussed who might be the candidate who would best make the Sherco issue a top priority.
Later in the caucus, attendees had an opportunity to vote in a straw pole to see which candidates they preferred. 
For U.S. Senator, Chris Dahlberg got nine votes. Jim Abeler and Julianne Ortman each got seven votes.
For Governor, Marty Seifert received 16 votes and Dave Thompson had 10.
For the 6th Dist.
Congressional seat, Phil Krinkie received 14 votes and Tom Emmer got nine.
There was no straw poll at the DFL Caucus at Clearwater Twp.
Only three people attended the caucus, which represented Clearwater City and Township.
Former Wright County Commissioner Rose Thelen and  Meredith Lemoyne were there from the township. Bernard Hilla was the city’s only participant.
Hilla said the low turnout wasn’t unexpected because there weren’t many different candidates to choose.
“We’re pretty much looking at encumbents for the Democrats,” he said. “The only one coming up is secretary of state that we have a vote on - other than an encumbent.”
The three participants had time to discuss different resolutions they will be bringing to the county convention.
They include support for legalizing medical marijuana; raising the minimum wage; keeping Minnesota from becoming a right to work state; limiting taxes on pensions and social security; immigration reform and single-payer healthcare insurance.


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