FUDGIN’ DELICIOUS ICE CREAM has delicious treats for everyone as well as an amazing line of home decor products. Last week the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new business. Pictured from the left are Deb Steiskal from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s office, Donna Clarksean from KleinBank, owner Anne McKeehan, Melanie Yarke, Sherburne County Economic Development Specialist Dan Weber, John Howard from Coborn’s, Big Lake Chamber of Commerce President Tricia Skodje, City of Big Lake Economic Development’s Heidi Steinmetz, local author Lauri Robinson, Susan Nagorski from the West Sherburne Tribune, Big Lake Chief of Police Joel Scharf and Mayor Raeanne Danielowski. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

New ice cream shop in town 'Fudgin' Delicious Ice Ceam'

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
Anne McKeehan of Big Lake has lots of reasons for opening her own ice cream shop, Fudgin’ Delicious Ice Cream, on Hwy. 10 in Big Lake, next to the Lake Cafe.
“Well, I own the building for one thing,” she said. “And my in-laws had a little ice cream shop in Emily. When my daughters were little it was very fun to go and scoop ice cream for them.”
Anne researched ice cream online, finally finding a winner in the Chocolate Shop from Madison, Wi.
“They provided the training,” she said. “They have 114 flavors to choose from. At any given time we have 32 flavors in the shop.”
The flavors include soy based ice cream for people with dairy and egg allergies, gluten-free ice cream and low-calorie Italian ice in order to offer a tasty treat for everyone.
The store also sells home decor based on McKeehan’s decorating skills, and there is still a tanning business, Olive to Tan, in the Jefferson Building.
The ice cream shop goes through 40 to 50 tubs of ice cream per week, attracting customers of all ages. Favorite flavors include Munchy Madness and Blue Moon, McKeehan said.
Last week, the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new business, welcoming the enterprise to town.
“I am just going to keep scooping away,” said Anne. “It’s very fun and we enjoy seeing our customers enjoying our product.”


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