FRESH FLAME BURGER serves up fast food with its own flair on Hwy. 10 in Big Lake. Clara Henderson, Kari Luckey and Jamall Whitelaw ordered their food to go from restaurant owner Gus Afrooz. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Fresh Flame Burger a Flaming

Staff Writer
Jennifer Edwards
The old A&W and Long John Silvers restaurants at On The Run Gas station are gone and the fast food restaurant with its drive-up window are under new managements.
“I took over about four months ago,” said Gus Afrooz. “And I developed my own brand and menu. It’s called Fresh Flame Burger and we have five different styles for people to try.”
Besides all the conventional ways to eat a burger, Fresh Flame Burger offers burgers topped with guacamole, a large portobello mushroom, cheese curds or buffalo sauce and jalapenos. 
“We call that one the flame flame burger,” he said. 
They also have fish and chicken sandwiches, gyros, served on genuine pita bread from a Saudi Arabian baker and a Philly steak sandwich with peppers and onion. 
Onion rings, cheese curds, deep fried mushrooms and jalapeno poppers are all on the menu with other traditional fast-food fare, and they still sell root beer floats.
“We started with the portobello burger and people liked it,” said Gus, who is opening another restaurant in Minneapolis with his son. “So we added four more burgers for variety.”
Gus, who moved to Rochester from Turkey 40 years ago, earned his college degrees in the United States and graduated from University in Lawrence, KN, with a degree in civil engineering.
“My background is in construction development,” he said. “But the bottom dropped out of the construction market a few years ago. I was looking around for another opportunity when I had a chance to lease this place.”
On the Run is now ENL gas station with the same convenience store features, good coffee and easy-access location.
Sign up to win a free meal or join their birthday club. Gus is always open to suggestions for creating bigger and better burgers but there is one thing he will not compromise on, quality.
“It has to be good food for the right price,” he said. “We are more affordable than McDonald’s and we have great food and burgers.”


BIG LAKE COBORN’S STAFF have been raising funds for the Big Lake Fire Dept. through brat sales and the sale of buttons. Last week Coborns’s staff posed for a picture by the grill. Front row are Vicki Sabre and Kitty Underwood. Back row is Ashley Pelkey, Amy Fiester, Manager Mitch Utecht, Melissa Schafer, Michelle Galvin, Matt Schacht, Curt Allgood and John Howard. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

MEMBERS OF THE Big Lake American Legion flag corps, at attention during Monday’s Memorial Day services. From left, Dennis Gail, Don McVeigh, Don Deuel and Gary Poslusny. (Photos by Gary W. Meyer)

Larry and Lavina Pattee